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Welcome to the FAQ page - source of information and answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

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How do I connect to a central Database?
How do I locate the Database folder?
How do I update the CARAT software?
How do I upgrade to CARAT version 8.0?
How do I move the database from an old to a new computer?
How do I change my business name/address?
How do I eMail or fax a Jewelry certificate to my client?
How do I create a digital signature?
How do I backup the database?
Why do I get a Runtime error 6 when printing a certificate?
How do I recover from multiple System Files Are Out of Date errors when installing CARAT?
Why is my printer not working correctly?
What can I do if I get database errors?
What can I do if I accidentally merged the same database twice?
Why is the password-authentication number rejected even though the exact same number worked before?
What is the difference between the Demonstration and the Registered version of CARAT?
What is the difference between the Professional and the Network version of CARAT?
How can I use my business letterhead to print certificates?

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